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Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding Between Qatar Development Fund and Nebras Power

Doha, Qatar

This afternoon, at the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs building a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Qatar Development Fund “QDF” and Nebras Power Company to develop a relationship of cooperation between them during to study investment opportunities related to energy projects in countries that will agreed upon. This MoU aims to develop a general framework and to determine the guidelines on which both parties will cooperate to study the investment opportunities.

Mr. Khalifa Jassim Al-Kuwari - General Manager of the Qatar Development Fund has signed on behalf of the QDF, and Mr. Khalid Mohammed Jolo - CEO of Nebras Power has signed on behalf of the company. Signing ceremony has been attended by representatives from both parties.

On this occasion, Mr. Khalifa Jassim Al-Kuwari - General Manger of Qatar Development Fund has stated "QDF has the honor to sign this memorandum of understanding with Nebras Power in order to enhance the cooperation between the two parties." He added, "QDF aims to benefit from the expertise of the local companies during the Fund development and projects to reach new markets through the formation of partnerships between Qatar Development Fund and local companies."

On this occasion, Mr. Khalid Jolo - CEO of Nebras Power has stated "We would like to express our happiness on the occasion of the signing of this memorandum with QDF. Where it comes within the framework of strengthening the cooperation between national companies and government agencies, and enforcement for the approach the State has planned on which it support the performance improvement of the national companies globally. "

Mr. Jolo added “We hope by the implementation of this MoU to expand Nebras Power investment globally through access to new countries, and we hope to have projects that will have positive impacts in the areas they are implemented."

It is worth mentioning that the two sides agreed to form joint working committees to follow up and implement the prospective cooperation between them, as well as to study the potential cooperation opportunities.