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The Nebras Vision

Our strategic direction is set on the basis of an inspiring vision, mission and a set of shared values which guide our behaviours in everything we do. Our investments will help pioneer future energy and create long term value for our shareholders.

Sustainable Business

We work with our stakeholders to deliver business success and growth while protecting the environment, promoting economic and social benefit, and developing the capability of our people.

Join the Nebras Family

Key to our success has been our people, whose diligence and initiative continues to play a pivotal role in ensuring Nebras Power's reputation for world-class performance.

Join our industry-leading team of professionals in Doha, Qatar.

About Nebras

Nebras Power is a global power development and investment company headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Our mission is to develop and manage a portfolio of strategic investments in the power sector globally. Set up to take advantage of energy investment opportunities created by the global growth in demand for electricity and water, Nebras Power is an active player in the evolving global power industry, pioneering future energy solutions through its long-term investments.


Nebras Power Asset Management

The asset management model delivers the appropriate levels of asset support at the different stages of the business.


We are committed to adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance.


Nebras Power Asset Portfolio

Our investment portfolio includes 14 power generating assets located in 7 countries.

See Our Asset Portfolio
Paiton Energy - Nebras Power

Paiton Energy


Paiton Energy is one of the largest independent power producers (“IPP”) in Indonesia

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Phoenix Energy - Nebras Power

Phoenix Energy Company


Phoenix Power Company owns and operates the largest independent power producer (“IPP”) in Oman, Sur Power generating facility

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Shams Ma'an - Nebras Power

Shams Ma'an


Shams Ma’an is the largest Solar Photovoltaic independent power producers (“IPP”) in Jordan.

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IPP4 - Nebras Power



IPP4 is the fourth independent power producers (“IPP”) in Jordan.

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Amman East - Nebras Power

Amman East


Amman East IPP is the first independent power producer (“IPP”) in Jordan.

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AM Solar - Nebras Power

AM Solar


AM Solar is a 40 MW solar plant under construction and Commercial Operation Date is targeted 2nd quarter of 2019.

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Amman East - Nebras Power

Zon Exploitatie Nederland Holding B.V.  (“ZEN”)


ZEN develops, finances and operates large roof and utility scale installations for solar in the Netherlands.

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Rades Two - Nebras Power

Carthage Power Company (Rades II)


Rades II plant is the largest power plant in Tunisia

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Amin - Nebras Power



Amin Renewable Energy Company owns the first utility scale solar plant in Oman, Amin IPP solar plant.

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Salgueiro - Nebras Power



Salgueiro is a 90 MW solar project in Pernambuco, Brazil and is expected achieve commercial operation in 2020.

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Jaíba - Nebras Power



Jaíba is an 88 MW solar project in Minas Gerais, Brazil and is expected to achieve commercial operation in 2021.

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Lavras - Nebras Power



Lavras is a 120 MW solar project in Ceará, Brazil and is expected to achieve commercial operation in 2021.

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Francisco Sá - Nebras Power

Francisco Sá


Francisco Sá is a 99 MW solar project in Minas Gerais, Brazil and is expected to achieve commercial operation in 2021.

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Stockyard Hill - Nebras Power

Stockyard Hill


Stockyard Hill Wind Farm (the "Project") is currently under construction.

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Nebras Power Portfolio


AM Solar  |   Shams Ma’an Power Generation  |   Carthage Power Company - CPC (Rades II)  |   Amin  |   Salgueiro  |   Lavras  |   Jaíba  |   Francisco Sá


Amman East   |   Phoenix Power Company




Paiton Energy


Stockyard Hill

Nebras Power Media

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