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Nebras Power Shareholders

Nebras Power enjoys full support from two strong shareholders, with solid fundamentals and outstanding track record. They have invested into the company’s growth and are able to bring our vision and strategy to life.

Qatar Electric Water Company - major shareholder in Nebras Power

Qatar Electricity and Water Company (QEWC) in Brief

Qatar Electricity and Water Company is a Qatari public joint-stock company established in 1990 in accordance with the provisions of the Qatari Commercial Companies Law, for the purpose of owning and managing power generation and water desalination stations and the sale of their products.

Qatar Electricity and Water Company is one of the first private sector companies in the region engaged in the generation of electricity and desalination of water. The share capital of the company at incorporation amounted to QR 1 Billion divided into one hundred million shares of QR 10 per share. Based on the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of February 25, 2014, ten million bonus shares were distributed to shareholders at the rate of one share for every ten shares held. With this, the capital of the company became QR 1.1 Billion representing one hundred and ten million fully paid shares. The Government of the State of Qatar and its affiliated institutions hold about 60% of the capital and individuals and private companies hold the remaining 40%. Based on the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of March 6, 2019, the nominal value of the share was changed to QR 1 instead of QR 10 per share and so the number of shares reached one billion and one hundred million. The company is managed by the Board of Directors consisting of eleven members headed by His Excellency Saad Bin Sherida Al-Kaabi, Minister of State for Energy Affairs.

Qatar Electricity and Water Company is one of the largest companies in the field of power generation and water desalination in North Africa and the Middle East region. QEWC is the main supplier of electricity and desalinated water in Qatar. The company has witnessed remarkable growth during the last decade in line with the steady growth of the economy of Qatar and the increase in population and the corresponding increase in demand for electricity and water. The total assets of the company amount to approximately QR 18 billion and the company and joint ventures together have the capacity of 10,590 MW of electricity and 481.5 MIGD of Water.

Qatar Investment Authority - major shareholder in Nebras Power

Qatar Investment Authority (QIA)

Qatar Investment Authority is the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar.

QIA was founded in 2005 to strengthen the country's economy by diversifying into new asset classes. Building on the heritage of Qatar investments dating back more than three decades, QIA's growing portfolio of long-term investments help complement the State of Qatar's wealth in natural resources.

QIA supports the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030, which seeks to create a stable, prosperous future for generations to come. The Sovereign wealth fund looks beyond short-term turbulence and market trends focusing on the fundamental issues of sustainable value and growth.

QIA's stakeholders and employees - from all around the world - operate with absolute commitment and apply the highest financial standards and investment principles. QIA seeks socially, economically, and environmentally responsible investments and looks beyond short-term returns, as QIA pursues balanced and sustainable growth.

QIA has built a major global portfolio that now spans a broad range of asset classes and regions. QIA has a strong track record of investing in multiple asset classes, including listed securities, property, alternative assets and private equity in all the major markets globally.

Mission: QIA's mission is to invest, manage and grow Qatar's reserves to create sustainable long-term value for the State and future generations. QIA supports the development of a competitive Qatari economy, facilitating economic diversification and developing local talent.

Vision: QIA is recognized as a world-class investment institution, and the preferred partner of choice for investors, financiers and other stakeholders.

Culture: QIA is driven by values and principles. QIA values its reputation of excellence and integrity.

Values: Professional and Ethical Standards to which the Authority adheres. QIA's governing bodies, corporate officers and employees are required to behave and operate following 5 guiding values:

  • Integrity: To apply the highest ethical, moral and professional standards of conduct in each of their undertakings
  • Mission focus: QIA has a noble mission on behalf of the Qatari people. In executing day to-day responsibilities, QIA management and employees are firmly focused on this mission
  • Entrepreneurialism: QIA believes in the power of entrepreneurialism, and it continues to encourage initiative and a flexible approach even as the organization grows and institutionalizes
  • Excellence: QIA strives for excellence in all aspects of its undertakings
  • Respect for people: QIA recognizes that people are its most valuable asset, and the organization seeks to create a respectful workplace free of harassment or intimidation