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Enterprise Risk Management

The risk management process consists of a series of activities to identify, assess, prioritize and manage the risks Nebras Power faces and that could affect the achievement of its business objectives.

Risk Identification

Risk identification starts at the commencement of the business life cycle, and is later refined during the business development process covering amongst other things: strategic, political, regulatory and legal, operational, health & safety, environmental and financial risks. This then extends to the construction and mobilization period. It is revisited regularly at an agreed frequency during the business planning cycle.

The business context is assessed considering the stakeholder perspectives as well as all those political, social, economic and technical factors that can impact the business.

Consultative processes are required to operate so as to identify those factors driving conditions which would cause the potential for risk to change. Such process are fully integrated and supported by executive leadership and board of directors.

Risk Assessment

Identified risks are evaluated to assess speed of impact, sources, causes, probability, and vulnerability to the degree of consequence so that the range of possible outcomes can be identified. Nebras Power seeks to: avoid risks by preventing the condition causing the hazard, mitigate the risk by changing the process, find ways to reduce the impact of the risk, or share with those who are better able to manage that risk.

Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Nebras Power also operates an internal reporting system that allow for the active coordination, control and communication of risks as well as of the results of the risk management actions in terms of containment of probability of occurrence or their impact within the business portfolio. The risk reporting system is set to evolve as the size and complexity of our business portfolio increase. Risk is addressed by deploying effectively competencies and capabilities to treat identified risks to assured standards. Nebras Power portfolio risk is partially mitigated by the natural diversity of markets, technology deployments, fuel types and political certainties.

Nebras Power reviews risk management activities and facilitates training and guidance to all business personnel involved in risk review and mitigation. The risk owner contributes by ensuring that risks are actively identified, communicated, analyzed, and quantified.