The Three Corporate Principles – 3P belief system (People, Planet & Prosperity), serve as Nebras Power’s core philosophy, inspiring us to continually improve our business processes.

We are committed to incorporate economic, social & environmental indicators in to our bottom line, which allows us to ensure that the Society as a whole is a beneficiary o four progresses and growth.

Commitment to Employees

Nebras Power works hard to ensure employees work in an environment where they can find growth, fulfillment, and success. Our commitment to employees:

  • Enhance trust, and mutual respect by providing proper job descriptions and communicating expectations with all employees
  • Ensure healthy relations between employees by encouraging team work
  • Provide fair working conditions, maintain a safe environment, and follow all legal obligations.
  • Entitle all employees to a clear understanding of their roles and the information necessary for informed decision making and planning.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nebras Power in its continuous efforts to positively impact the society, especially the areas around its sites and offices, has formulated policies for social development that are based on the following guiding principles:

  • Adopt an approach that aim sat achieving a greater balance between social development and economic development.
  • Adopt new measures to accelerate and ensure the basic need so fall people.
  • Work towards elimination of all barriers for the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups - such as the poor and the disabled.

Commitment to Environment

Nebras Power conforms to global standards and expectations by commitment to:

  • Minimize the impact on the local and global environment arising from it operations, activities, products and services.
  • Undertake environmental and social impact assessments that comply with requirements of monitoring bodies in the field for all its present and future projects irrespective of their geographical differences.

Commitment to Society

  • Nebras Power is committed to supporting communities wherever the company operates.  We also support philanthropic initiatives and projects.
  • We offer our people a working environment founded on mutual trust and commitment, which enables us to build a robust, enriching and long-lasting relationship.
  • Our 3P – People, Planet, Prosperity – belief system covers each aspect of the society, involving the care for People (both internal and external) and the Planet (society in general), which drives the Prosperity and welfare of the society and community.