Nebras Power seeks to invest in international green field and brown field development or through acquisition in power generation projects, water desalination projects, water treatment projects, district cooling / heating projects, fuel supply sourcing and loading / unloading facilities related to any power generation, water desalination, water treatment projects, and other related business, with an involvement in the operation and management of the project / business and any other business approved by the Shareholders.


Demand for electricity and water is constantly growing throughout the world, and especially so in the rapidly developing countries and with the financial strength of our shareholders, we believe we can expand our portfolio with strategic investments throughout the MENA region and beyond. Our focus is to anticipate and cater to additional capacity requirements, through a continual process of research, feasibility planning, and innovation.

Nebras Power aims to strategically utilize the rising energy demand in countries with strong economic growth, as well as profound changes to the global energy sector. 

Nebras Power seeks to become the energy provider with highest standards and invest in rapidly growing markets with the following objectives:

Building on strong positions in independent energy production:

Nebras Power is strengthen ingits leadership in independent energy production in countries experiencing strong growth, and delivering high capacity facilities, especially in the MENA region.

Currently, we have projects under construction or in development throughout the region.

Continuing to develop the gas value chain:

Nebras Power delivers continuous developments in the gas value chain solutions, from fuel sourcing to providing facilities for power plants.

Building International Presence:

To imprint its name in the world’s energy sector, Nebras Power is making targeted acquisitions in South East Asia, Europe, and MENA region, as well as forming major energy services partnerships. Our financial strength, diverse knowledge, and expertise allow us to exploregreater opportunities and increase international presence, by entering in to the North & South American and African markets.

Management and Operations

Proficient Management

Nebras Power’s success is attributable in part to the foresight and guidance of our skilled, highly experienced management team, with its diverse industrial experience and proven track record in the water and power sector with specialization in investment planning and execution, of green field and brown field projects and operations, with an aim to increase shareholder wealth.

Our management has an in-depth knowledge of the utility sector, which adds indispensible understanding to each investment opportunity’s feasibility and profitability.

Operations & Maintenance Capabilities

Nebras Power’s Operation & Maintenance (O&M) functions will cover all aspects and activities necessary to run our power plants in a safe and most economical manner, minimizing risks and maximizing profits which in turn increases profitability of our company and shareholders.

Strong Investment Portfolio

Nebras Power aims to provide solid return on investment to shareholders, enabled by strong balance sheet and solid cash flows, which also enables the company to endure economic cycles. Our management team conducts careful and analytical evaluation of all investment opportunities with the objective to increase our shareholder value.